As more states authorize Remote Online Notarization in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you may have some questions. FNF is here to provide you want you need on the issue. Take a look at our Quick Guide to RON to compare the six FNF-approved RON venders and others things you should now about Remote Online Notarization.

This informative document put together by FNF also includes the minimum system requirements we recommend for conducting RON. They are:

High-speed internet: A single user requiring HD video and audio should have 4- to 5-Mbps capacity minimally. An uninterrupted internet speed of 15 MBPS upload and download speed is required for an ideal experience. Here is an easy way to test your internet speed of your service provider on your computer. Your internet speed can vary at any point daily so having two service providers to choose from may be advantageous.

• Camera: Make sure your video capture has a higher resolution and can stream fluidly. Here are some suggested models to consider.

• Audio – RON requires a camera, microphone and speaker access to complete the video call. Does your computer have a microphone and speakers? If not or if they are not great quality, invest in better speakers and a quality headset.

Smartphone with Camera and Text Capability: During the RON closing, consumers are required to validate their photo ID through a trusted third-party verification service. Consumers must use their smartphone to take a picture of their photo ID and upload it via text from a domestic phone number. These requirements may also vary.

Consumers: Discuss with borrowers and sellers their comfort with the process and test their equipment or connectivity well prior to a closing.

Environment: Make sure you have dedicated space, free of noise and distractions, to conduct RON transactions.

Check out the full handout for other considerations you should take when evaluating how RON fits for you and your customers, and please reach out to your local FNF underwriting counsel with further questions and clarifications.

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