Title agents should care about the digital transaction process not only as convenience for our customers but also because of the efficiency, reliability, and affordability digital transactions provide. The added benefit of document security assists lenders and title agents alike.

Homeowners looking to buy or sell real estate should expect the real estate closing process to look a little different than it did the last time they bought or sold property. Digital closing practices are being adopted throughout the country and may affect your transaction. We encourage you to contact your local title agent for details on what to expect in your community. 

Recent changes to state laws and regulations have enabled our industry to establish innovative digital processes that empower our customers and provide them with a streamlined closing experience. Even if digital closings aren’t happening (or being requested) in your state yet, the time is coming—and quickly.

For example, did you know that in 2019, 12 states passed remote online notarization (RON) legislation—which is more than half of the total number of states that had passed RON legislation up until that point?

If that’s not enough, 12 additional states introduced RON legislation in 2019. If all of those states approved that legislation, more than half of the United States would be operating with remote online notarization. It’s coming and our FNF agents need to be prepared.   

Whether your state has permitted full digital closings or not, FNF is committed to helping agents with this transformation of the settlement experience as they happen in each state.

Our agents enjoy access to the FNF Digital Transaction Team which provides:

  • Resources and information for digital transactions
  • Expertise and experience to train and facilitate successful digital transactions
  • Piloting strategy development
  • Education and transition information for digital transactions by facilitating a small-scale pilot with our lenders and vendors
  • Monitoring and management of the business processes between our operations, the lender, and vendor
  • Identifying and managing risk and issues

The Digital Solutions team can be reached at: FNTGeducation@fnf.com.